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Service Light and Display Board Reset Instructions E8D Universal
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Service Light Reset Instructions E8D/Universal

With the power on, begin by closing and latching the lid, you should have a steady green light on the front panel.


  1. Set TIME display to 00
  2. Set SPEED display to 00
  3. Press the STOP button

    At this point the two displays should be flashing dashes ( --  --) in both.
  4. Using the arrows, set the TIME display to 01
  5. Using the arrows, set the SPEED display to 23
  6. Press the STOP key twice.
  7. Turn main power switch OFF, then back ON.

Turn the centrifuge off, and then back on again. This should reset the maintenance light.


Display Board Reset Instructions E8D/Universal

Ensure that the unit is powered on and the latch is locked.

  1. In Time display enter (Two Digit Month) Example: 05
  2. In Speed display enter (Two Digit Year) Example: 23
  3. Hit stop TWICE

Now the display should read what Customer settings were on.


SNR-7.5.1-W-003 | Rev 0

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