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MX12 Lid Latch Repair
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  1. Purpose
    1. This work instruction describes the process for replacing the lid latch on MX12 centrifuge units.
  2. Equipment/Software
    1. Replacement Lid Latch (101078-D)
    2. Attachment Screws, M4 x 8mm, button head hex drive, stainless steel
    3. 2.5mm hex driver
  3. Instructions
  4. Check that you have all necessary components and tools to complete the replacement. Reference Figure 1.

    1. Power on your MX12 unit and open the lid. Then turn off the power to your unit.
    2. Using the included 2.5mm hex driver tool, remove the two screws from the front of the lid as shown in Figure 2.  ​​​​​

    3. Remove the old Lid Latch (101078) from your unit and discard it. Set the Latch Top Plate (100961) and Attachment Screws aside but do not discard them as you will need them for the next steps.
    4. Place your new replacement Lid Latch (101078-D) into the lid, referencing Figure 2. Be sure to put the slanted edge towards the front of the unit.
    5. Hold the new Lid Latch in place and replace the Latch Top Plate on the top of the lid.
    6. Secure the pieces to your unit using the Attachment Screws and your 2.5mm hex driver tool. Tighten the screws until they are snug and then tighten them another ¼ turn to ensure they are fully seated.
    7. Power your unit on again and close the lid. Open and close the lid a few more times to ensure the alignment and latching mechanism function properly.
    8. Run your MX12 unit at 12,000rpm for 3 minutes to test that the lid safety switch is properly engaged.
    9. This completes the repair.

      SNR-7.5.1-W-001 | Rev 1

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